Selly.pk has been a trustworthy household name selling fruits, vegetables, and grocery products online since it came into being. Our commitment to facilitate citizens with quality delivery service has found a new meaning amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Selly.pk has changed its introduction to make the visitors aware of the ongoing efforts to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new found objective is,

“HELPING PAKISTANIS fight the CORONA PANDEMIC by activating the power of volunteers and generosity of donors”

Daily life has come to a halt and the COVID-19 outbreak has left the unfortunate parts of our society the most vulnerable. As the lockdown days or self-isolation period prolongs, the situation might get worse. From utilizing resources to deliver farm-fresh goodness to doorsteps, we’re now keen to deliver basic life necessities door to door to the hardest-hit communities of our nation.

We have gathered supplies in the form of emergency grants for daily wagers, affectees, and people with disabilities, and other communities vulnerable to the physical, mental, and economic impacts of the pandemic.

Our Partner Organizations

We’re working alongside some reputable organizations like Sabsaath, akhuwat, banyan and ehsaas to achieve our goal. Our relief program under the banner of Information Process Solutions – IPS aims to facilitate without any sectarian discrimination and this online platform tends to extend our reach to every deserving family in this regard. So, everybody remains safe and people in need can have their due share of happiness without any problem.

We also work on the interests of guiding people about the misinformation spreading over the media regarding COVID-19. We curate and publish content (referenced from the authenticated healthcare websites) on our official website for public awareness.

We have pledged to fight against this disease by responding with care and consideration to the distressed parts of our society via an active taskforce at our end. Feel free to be part of this crowdfunding project and coalition for constant supply of food, medical supplies, and daily utensils.

Let’s collaborate & help people in the best way possible.

Know more about us on https://web.facebook.com/Selly.pkEStore/

About the Parent Company

Selly.pk works under the flag of Information Process Solutions (IPS) BPO, an established business process outsourcing company with offices in Lahore, Pakistan. For more than decade of its creation, the company has participated in, from time to time, in many relief activities both internally and at a public level.

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